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I have a 2 year old Western Digital VelociRaptor 10,000 rpm WD3000GLFS drive that failed. First symptoms were that the BIOS would not load the SATA 2 hard drive initially, but would load subsequently if re-booted. The other day, while working, the computer began making an unusual sound that sounded like the fan. After restarting the computer, the BIOS again would not load the SATA 2 hard drive, but now, after several attempts, the hard drive still will not load. The BIOS appears to recognize a drive is connected, but it does not load and gives an error message when trying to auto-configure the drive. In fact, I can not run the BIOS unless the drive is first disconnected.

Any suggestions on how to recover the data? It was not backed up recently, and I would like to recover the files if possible.

I looked at an external hard drive enclosure from Best Buy, but the VelociRaptor drive does not fit. Is there another method? Are there any recommendations for a good recovery service that specializes in Western Digital drives, especially the VelociRaptor drives?
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  1. Freeze it in a zip lock bag in the freezer over night - load it up and back 'er up and replace 'er. Good luck.

    I highly recommended Acronis software for backup, along with win7 backup images (if your running it)

    Good luck.

    PS anything professional (in recovery) will rape your wallet, and leave your credit cards with child...
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