Why partition a hard drive

I don't understand why I should partition when installing a new HDD. what its purpose is and, if I am setting up something on a separate partition, how do I access it????
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  1. the reason i would partition a hard drive is because i would want to store all my media/music/movies on the second partition..

    this allows me to reformat my computer if i ever need to (virus, etc.) and keep my data without having to back it up again or move it to another hard drive.

    other than that, i can't think of any logical reasons why i would partition a hard drive.. maybe someone else can chime in regarding other reasons to partition a hard drive.

    you will be able to access your partition in "My Computer" and it will be under another letter for the drive. (So instead of one HUGE C: Drive, you will have two smaller drives, C:, and D:)
  2. You can partition a drive if you need multiple formats. I have this drive dock that I use with a 1Tb drive. I have a large NTFS partition that I store my computer backups on, and a smaller FAT32 partition that I use to back up my PS3. I use the eSATA on my computer and USB on the PS3.
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