Overclock i7 875k on Asus P7P55D-E Deluxe

Hello guys.

I'm looking forward to OC my new computer and i come here once again to ask for your advices. My first and only OC is with my E8400 @ 3.6 with Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L but it was 2 years ago. I was looking to buy a new Gigabyte board for my system but almost every P55 board got problems with USB3 or SATA3 and this time i chose Asus and i hope i will not regret my decision.

The Turbo mode is activated and i didn't find the option to disable it on the Bios... I thought it was the [Turbo Profile] but there are no other options there...

My goal is to achieve 4Ghz stable enough to stay up for 24/7 just changing the multiplier and the memory @ 2000Mhz

BIOS images below. If there are any other images necessary just tell me.

New rig:

Core i7 875k @ 2.93Ghz (CoolerMaster V8 + Artic Silver 5)
Asus P7P55D-E Deluxe @ BIOS 1301
4GB G.Skill DDR3 2200Mhz (F3-17600CL7D-4GBPIS)
Gigabyte GT 240
SSD OCZ Vertex 2 120gb
PSU XFX 750 Black Edition Modular
Case CM HAF 932

Any advice will be very helpful. Thanks.

My Best Regards,
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  1. I just started the OC test and i have set 24 x 167mhz and the memory 2004Mhz (2:12)

    Vcore: 1.30
    IMC: 1.30
    PCH: 1.05
    PLL: 1.80
    DIMM: 1.65

    I leave turned on just the prefetcher, prefetch, All cores and HT.

    I saved and rebooted the machine. The boot went fine and as soon the windows booted i opened CPU-Z and it shows 4019Mhz on the Core Speed and 1004Mhz (2:12) on the DRAM Frequency and it's normal at the moment but the big problem is the temperatures because it's 48ºC idle and i opened RealTemp and LinX (memory run 3 times) and as soon as i started the test the temperatures went very high 92ºC and i got worried and stopped the test because i believe this is beyond normal, right? What should i do? Maybe Thermal compound application was not correct? Just one dot in the center of the CPU.

    Best Regards,
  2. You may want to try 3.4-3.6 Ghz to start and test with.

    The V8 might not be up to running at 4.0 Ghz (that's putting it politely) with decent temps. You should keep it around 75c max core temps.
  3. Goodnight everyone. Sorry for not giving news but I've been researching and it's been almost two years since the Arctic Silver 5 was stored inside the motherboard box in my closet and was not even with the tip down as indicated. So I decided to buy the Arctic Cooling MX-4 and ArctiClean kit at Performance-PCS and also took the opportunity to buy four 120mm fans Cooler Master R4-L2R-20Cr-GP and 19db 90CFM to install in the side of the HAF 932 and it will arrive here by the 15th of next month and then I will reapply the thermal paste and do the tests again and i hope this time it will improve a little more ...

    Thanks for the help guys!

    My Best Regards,
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