I5 760

Ok so I currently have my CPU OC'd to 3.6ghz. Runs through intel burn at high stress, doesn't crash in games, seems stable to me.

These are the values I set
DRAM 1.6V (mem multiplier 8,0 : 1333mhz ram -> 1440 mhz)
CPU Vcore 1.15625 V
BCLK 180 x 20

and finally, my QPI/VTT at 1.17V
This is where I'm unsure, as it's about 1.01V at stock I believe. Should this be lower/higher or is it just fine for my OC? I really don't understand what VTT voltages are so anyone could explain me that would be great and how it scales with the rest of my OC.
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  1. Test it with prim95 for 2 hours, OCCT for 3 hours or LinX for one hour if u can pass that the rig is stable.
  2. Not really what I asked.

    I would like be enlightened on how to raise VTT volts. When, why, etc
  3. QPI/VTT is like FSB voltage.
    QPI is the bus between the memory controller and memory.
    Q: Quick
    P: Path
    I: interconnect
    Hope this answers your question. [:bohleyk:1]
  4. More or less, are you saying when you increase the FSB, you need to add volts to VTT?

    Atm I'm at 180 mhz (x20) from 133 mhz stock so I was wondering if 1.17 V in VTT is roughly the right value needed.

    Couldn't really find any detailed OC'ing reviews about the i5 760 to compare with others.
  5. Only if it becomes unstable.
    At 3.6 yo probably dont need that much. 1.12-1.15v should be enough.
    Just try to lower it a little at a time until it becomes unstable and then bump it back up a notch or 2.
  6. I see, well I went to my bios to see if I could lower it and there wasn't the option for any value between 1.1 and 1.17 so I tried 1.1 and it ran through intel burn at high stress just fine. ran a game, no crash, nothing unsual, seems good. thanks for letting me know about that detail!

    I have another question now, what is the difference between OC'ing through multiplier/increasing fsb and so on? For example, my maximum multiplier i can use is 21x i believe, so would there be any difference if i used 171 x 21 over 180 x 20 besides the ram going slower?

    sometimes i see some people have different multiplier OC setups, so i wonder in what case it is better to use a higher one or lower one
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    It affects ram freq and QPI freq.

    Here is a link that explains each setting and the effects.
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  9. Thanks for the BA.
    Good luck.
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