What are a Good and Normal Temperatures for the GTX 260 Core 216 SC

Does anyone has this same Exact Card? What are Some Normal and Good Temps for this Video Cards GTX 260 Core 216 SuperClocked

Fan at 80% speed. When is Idle it runs 45C-48C when Gaming it runs up to 74C

Fan at 100% speed. Idle 40C-45C and Gaming depends the game 60C-70C

Should I always have the Fan at 100% speed when Gaming?

What Fan Speed do you all set for Gaming and what Temps do you get?


Quad Core Q9550 @ 2.8ghz
EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 SC
ASUS P5qc Mother board
Soprano RS Case
Corsair 650TX 650w
4gb Ram
Windows Vista Utimate 64bit
WD 320gb HDD
WD 1tb HDD
XFI Xtremegamer Sound Card
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  1. Please i really need your feeback.
  2. Looks fine to me. Those cards can take up to 105C. Keeping within 35C of that is pretty good, even though I'd recommend 40+ And yeah, 100% is better. Don't listen to all that about fan's life shortening.

    See what they mean when they say ATIs are better? My 4850 runs at 42C idle and 60C load with automatic fan settings. Load temps. drop when 100% fan speed is set.
  3. Not the exact same card, I have the vanilla, but I overclock to 686/1101.
    80% fan speed - constant
    23c room temp
    41c idle
    58-62c gaming
  4. I run my vanilla 260 at 40% 52c idle and then turn the fan to 80% for gaming and never go above 68c. Tried the fan at 100% while gaming and was only 2c cooler than at 80%. These cards have a high thresh-hold for temps, as Rags mentioned.
  5. yes i have the same motherboard asus p5qc,
    and an intel q9550 at 2.8 ghz, with 4gb of pc8500,
    windows vista 32bit, coolmaster 550W extreme edition power suply
    my video card Gtx 260 core 216 supercocked, runs at 48C at regular use
    and runs at 64C gaming,
    what realy help me is that i have the antec nine hundred two pc tower,
    that come with 4 fan's 3 of those are 120mm and one is 190mm,
    my cpu temp is 16C because i'm using the noctua nh-u12p cpu cooler
    and i install the second fan to this one,
    i planing to install more pc fan to my case for a better performance
  6. Haha...octavio..the man asked for help, u are telling him ur specs..
  7. He told him his specs. to tell him that he has a similar system and is better lower temps.
  8. ya i get it...but still..drop it..its just silly to tlk so much about it..
  9. Almost da same config!
    Ive not set fan speeds so,
    Idle 54c
    Load (1080p) 74-78c
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