Comp won't boot with 2 sticks of ram

Hi, i have a G31M-ES2L motherboard, and it has 2 DDR2 ram slots with dual channel, so I went and bought G.SKILL 4GB (2 x
2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 ram. When I try and start my computer with both the sticks, my lights just flash and the computer won't turn on, So I tried just one. After waiting about 5 minutes, the computer started normally again. I tried testing out both the sticks, and both of them are working fine. Does anyone know the problem?
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  1. If this is your memory:

    it wants 1.9V. What voltage do your mobo (BIOS) and CPUID Hardware Monitor (download) say your mobo is using?

    Try increasing voltage in 0.1 step increments to a max of 2.1V.

    if that doesn't work, the mobo has issues.
  2. ok i will try and get back to you
  3. OK, I upped the voltage +0.2 and now my computer is runner with both sticks, but now the problem is that it only recognizes 2gb of ram, and that when i boot up it says running in single channel mode. I checked in BIOS and I don't think there is a option to enable or disable it. Can you help me with this?
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    Single channel mode sorta makes sense since your mobo still isn't seeing the memory in slot #2 (You need to sticks for dual channel).

    Try "Reloading Optimized Defaults" and then set mem voltage to +0.2V and try again. Continue to increase voltage by 0.1V to a max of 2.1V and retrying each time.

    If that fails - and if you bought those sticks as a matched pair - the mobo has issues.
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