Tv- Tuner card help!!

Hi everybody i am new to ths site but it seem really good!!!

Recently I opened up my computer and found there was a Medion tv tuner card inside!! I just want to know how to get it working!! On it it says Type : T-V Tuner 7134, 9.92 Data/Fax Modem. So i thought i would need a driver for it so i went to the medion website to try and find one i thought i did. when i download it all it does is extract to a folder in my C drive called medion. Inside that there is another folder called windows xp and in there are some files but there is no executable! so what am i supposed to do with them!! On my card at the end there is a white red and yellow terminals but ony the yellow terminal is connected to something! (i dunno just thought it might be important)

I am not sure what ti do !! I am also using an asus motheboard so will it still work??

Thank you very much in advance!!!
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  1. I assume the tuner shows up in device manager. As long as it does just right click on it and select update driver and point it to the folder you extracted the drivers to. As long as they are the right drivers it should install them.

    Now to use it you will need software for that and there should be some on the manufactures web site, if not there should be some that came with your computer. All cards I have used have always come with both the driver package and software.
  2. Thank you very much for the reply ancient!
    I dont think it does! Just to check what section is it supposed to be under! What happened is i hada medion computer but the motherboard fried so we took it to a computer repair shop then they put an asus motherboard and apperently just place thecard in but not done anything about it!! Anyway i dont think it is there. What shouldit be called if it was there??
    Again thank you very much!
  3. Here is what my cards looks like in device manager.

    But with your not having drivers installed it would probably be listed as an unknown device until the drivers are installed.

    So if you have any listed as unknown try to update the drivers and point to the driver folder and when you get the right one it will install the drivers.
  4. Hi ancient hope you are well!!
    I just looked under soundvideo and game controllers and there isd one called MEDION SA7134, Hybrid Capture Device. So i am guessing this is it!?? So i right clicked went to update driverand pointed it to search in that folder! and it said it had done. So now is there any way for me to test if it works or not?? or are there any programs i can use to see if it works!!??
    Thank you very much for you help!
  5. Could some one please help me out here!!?? All i want to do is watch analog tv just the standard 5 channels (UK) i have the cable and it seems to go into the card at the back of the computer and i am guessing i have the driver installed as i said before so how can i check to see if it is working??!! Could someone please help me ! I really want this to work!
    Thank you very much
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