Geforce GTX 275 still not available in US

Despite the fact that Europe got Geforce GTX 275 cards and that they are in stock as we speak, both Newegg and Tiger Direct don’t have them available.

At this point cards from EVGA, XFX, PNY, Sparkle and BFG are listed and Tiger Direct plans to sell them for $249, while Newegg wants $259 for the same cards.

At this time, we don´t know when they will show up, but Nvidia focused on Europe and got the first cards to the old continent, probably due the fact that it can make more money in Europe thanks to the strong Euro.

We do expect that Nvidia will have these cards in the US shortly but until they do, you can treat the GTX 275 in the US as paper launched card.
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  1. Might also be called a paper wait heheh
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