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I can get a laptop with an Intel Quad Q9000 or a Q6700. I'll be using this for video editing. Is there a big difference between these processors?
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  1. Both are quad, the Q9000 should be the better out of the two.
  2. You can get a Q6700 in a laptop?

    Go for the 9000 for sure. It's actually slower than the 6700, but uses less than half the power. The 6700 is a desktop CPU at 2.66GHz, and rated at 105W. The 9000 is a laptop CPU at 2GHz, but it is only rated at 45W. It is by far the better choice, and will run much cooler with a much longer battery life, while still giving the power of a core 2 quad (albeit one at a slower clock speed).
  3. The trend of desktop replacement being marketed as a laptop is really worrisome. e.g. the Q6700 being discussed here
    Just because they put a battery in there doesn't mean it's a laptop, more like a UPS.
  4. Another consideration here is what software you intend to run on the laptop. Is it capable of using 4 cores efficiently? Looking at Intel's current price list (6/2/2009), the Q9000 (4 cores, 2.0 GHz) cost $348. Also listed for $348 is the P9700 (2 cores, 2,8 GHz). Personally, I would lean towards the P9700.
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