I have this problem can anyone help me

Hi. I seem to have this problem with almost all of the games i have. When playing, when moving the character, trees, objects, just appear in front of you.It's hard to explain, i can't post a gameplay video because my comp is at repair but here watch this video this guy appears to have the same problem as me. Pay attention when he moves how rocks and stuff just blink and pop up.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nw6l-VJYhB8 (fixed the link, sorry)

This happens on almost all games... Crysis, Medieval 2, even Half Life 2, which runs fine on my old pc.I turned all settings to maximum, to minimum, turned AA on, off it still blinks and stuff pop up! My pc is:
GTX 280
4 gigs of DDR2
IP-35 pro mb.

Please some one tell me what causes that. My pc ran fine, but then this happened

I have replaced almost all hardware, tried different WIndows Vista, Xp 64,32 tried new drivers, older drivers, eveything i can possibly do. Please don't tell me that stuff should blink like that i have vampire the masquarade and it blinks it's an old game and it runs without blinking on my old pc. I am really loosing my mind here please tell me something.
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  1. I think it has something to do with the distance draw setting. Its possible that yours is really low so the game has to render objects as you move. Try changing the setting to a bigger number and see how that goes
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