External Ibook write protects by its self ?WTF

ok so i have 2 1TB each ibooks. the connect to my computer via usb. well one of them has decided to writeprotect it's self over and i cant remove it. get this i have FORMATED it more than once and some how it keeps getting flagged as readonly. i have used diskpart but that says its fine and not read only. i can format the drive and then copy files to it but once i disconnect the drive or restart windows 7 it does it again. i have even reinstalled windows. it works fine in VM ware or on another pc. i am about to rip the thing apart and mount it into my desktop and see if that works. i have posted on windows support but got nothing useful.
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  1. Hi there,
    Sounds like it is not in the drive, since this only happens after you boot up your system. Might be set in the BIOS. Look in the BIOS where you would locate the HDD controller "enable/disable" choice to see if there is a Write Protect choice. Some folks who have had this problem cleared it by resetting their CMOS.
  2. i tried that inadvertently i flashed my bios a few weeks back. the thing is it is just one drive i have two externals. now i formated the drive and i needed to change a drive letter and i was in computer management and i noticed it is saying it is read-only for this one external. i have reinstalled windows for god sake what is doing this GRRRRRR
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