Any tips before I do OC my i5 760? =D!

After following some forum tips and reading up on guides, I'm about to go about on my OC journey with my Core i5 760.

These are the steps I'm about to take.

Go into BIOS.
Go to Ai Tweaker (I have an Asus P7P55D-E motherboard)

Then simply keep upping my BCLK bit by bit until I can reach 3.7Ghz (That's all I really want)

If for some reason it becomes unstable after I run Prime95, then I will go to the Core Voltage and set it to Manual and start upping that bit by bit until it does become stable with my BCLK.

I don't think I NEED to mess around with another settings?

Do I need to turn off any intel stuff like Turbo Boost or whatever?

Thank you;;~~~
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  1. Ok, what I would do is.
    First boot into bios and turn off turbo, c1e, eist and all other c states.
    Second boot at stock freq into windows and check the vid at idle with cpuz.
    Third boot into bios and manually set vcore to whatever cpuz said you vid was and raise the BCLK a little.
    Fourth boot into windows and run prime95 and watch your temps with HWmonitor.
    If it passes an hour raise BCLK and run again. When and if it fails you can start to raise the vcore.
    I would manually set your other voltages (VTT, ram, etc) as well, it will help with temps and longevity of components.
    Oh and lock the PCIE freq to 100. [:bohleyk:1]
  2. When you get to a clock that you are happy with and it is stable you can turn your c1e, eist and all other c states back on but leave turbo off.
  3. hey thanks for the reply;;

    i was just wondering though if the vid means voltage?

    i have a screenshot;
  4. Yes.
    You may not have done it yet but from your screenshot it looks like you havent disabled turbo, c1e or eist. Make sure you disable them that way you CPU will be running at 2.8ghz because the voltage will be different at 2.8ghz and that is the voltage you want to use as your vcore.
    It is probably around 1.15v but I am not 100% sure.
  5. Thanks for the help so far;

    What I've done thus far is.

    Disable Intel SpeedStep which also turned off Turbo for some reason automatically for some reason. (The option for Turbo disappeared when I disabled SteedStep)

    Turned on some Xtreme Phase Full Power Mode, (On the side, it said enabling this would make the O.C as fast as possible..?)

    Made my CPU Voltage to Manual and set it to the stock voltage which was 1.024.

    I started increasing my BCLK by 4s. The stock was 133 so I kept going;
    136, etc

    I'm currently stuck at 167. I keep getting BSoD within seconds of running Prime95.
    I tried increasing my voltage by pressing the "+" key.

    I'm wondering, how high can I go per increment?

    I just went from 1.025 to 1.031. Do I keep doing one increment per increment until I no longer receive a BSoD?

    Also; 1.031 seems really low compared to what other people are saying they set their voltages to for their i5 760. I keep seeing, 1.25 or 1.3 or even 1.36.

    Does 1.031 mean 1.031 or does it mean 1.31?
    (Stupid question, sorry but any help is appreciated~)

    *Also for some reason, I can control the "CPU Ratio" as it's stuck on Auto. Is this normal?
    And what is offset voltage?=(
  6. Ok you are running 1.031v. I would try to increase it to 1.10v and see if that works if it does then you can try decreasing it until it is unstable again the bump it up a couple of notches. If it isnt stable at 1.10v then I would increase it in .05v increments.
    As for the CPU ratio I am not sure why it is stuck on auto.
    Dont mess with the offset voltage.
    Before you try to increase the vcore you might try to increase VTT(also known as QPI)voltage.
  7. vcore = core voltage?

    i haven't touched the VTT/QPI yet but i did increase my core voltage to 1.120
    i'm currently running prime95 as i post this and my BCLK is at 177

    my idle temp was around low to mid 40s and the load temp right now is 58.

    i'm assuming that it was ok that i enabled, "Xtreme Phase Full Power Mode"?

    thanks for the replies so far Juice
  8. Idle temps are good and yes it is ok that you enabled Xtreme Phase Full Power Mode.
    It just disables the EPU functions and provides full power to all 16+3 phases. It is good for overclocking.
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