Please HELP! Computer rebooting every start up!

Hello, I just recently built my own pc.

Here is the setup:

Gigabyte ep45-ud3r mobo
ATI 4870 512mb
4gb g-Skill ram
250gb HD.

Now whenever i install this pci Sata card I have here it's a Roswill via 6421 Sata+Raid controller. My computer goes passed POST and just restarts over and over again. When I take the card out it's normal and boots fine.

Why is this happening??? Is there something I should said in my BIOS??

Please HELP! Thanks
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  1. What PSU, make/model? Chech in Event Viewer to find error codes. Go to System Properties, Advanced Tab, lowest button, Startup and recovery, untick the Restart box and you will see the error message.

  2. Have you tried other PCI slots?
  3. What PSU you have in there? It's a long shot but if your PSU is near peak usage then that card might be pushing it over it's limit.
  4. I have changed the restart option in the event viewer like you said. Now i get the bsod and it says "A problem has been detected and Windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer."

    I have an Antec 500 Earthwatts. But Im pretty sure thats not the problem. I have heard that if you already have an onboard Sata it can interfere with the SATA card.

    Is this true??

    Maybe there is something I could change in my BIOS?

    Thanks for the replies so far guys.
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