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Hello Everyone!

My CPU is going to be OC'd very soon, most likely to 4.0ghz. I have a N520 CPU cooler at the moment on stock clocks. It was free at the time. Wondering if I need a new CPU cooler?

I was thinking of Noctua NH-D14 or the Corsair N50 or Even N70 (i'm not a big fan of watercool) or was there another you guys recommend?

I live in canada, and I don't like to order online if I can pick up at store ( i like to feel what im buying -i have issues that way) lol

Stores that would be great: or (but it isnt a must)

Questions: 1) I'm assuming it will fit with my set up?
2) Do i need to replace the stock D14 fans with something better? if So what do you guys recommend.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Computer Rig (nothing over clocked)

Motherboard: Asus P6X58D-E
CPU: i7 930 LGA1366
CPU cooler: Cooler Master Hyper N520 heat pipe CPU cooler
SSD: Intel X25-M 80gig
HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB
GPU: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD5850 x2 (crossfire)
RAM: Corsair XMS3 Classic 6GB DDR 1600 MHz
PSU: Corsair 750TXw
Case: Antec 1200
Case fan: Thermal Take Smart (120mm with fan speed control) x 2
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More about cooler advise needed please
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    If you go water cooling get the N70 it is much better than the N50.
    For air cooling you can go with the D14, Venemous X, Prolimatec Megahalems(you will have to buy fans), or the Thermalright Silver Arrow. There are alot of good air coolers.
    For the D14 the stock fans are great and you probably wont benefit with any other fans.
    For the Megahalems, I use a push pull setup with Cooler Master Blade Master fans.

    Here is a few links for Reviews on all of the above coolers and more.
  2. Thank you Dirtyjuice:

    So i guest the N520 will not suffice?

    I rather not go water cool; worried one day it will leak, but thats just me.

    D14 looks good to me, You think the weight will stress the mobo?

    Any other good fans that have LED lighting to it that performs the same?
  3. I am not sure if the weight will be a problem, some people say it is and some say its not.
    I am not sure about the fans either. All I know is that it is hard to beat the D14 fans.
    Sorry, I cant help you here because I have not used the D14.
    But if you wait someone else might be able to recommend some fans.
  4. Thanks again for your prompt reply dirtyjuice.

    I mean are there any other CPU coolers that have LED lighting that performs just as well at the ones you mentioned above?

    Im a sucker for LED lights but I also want the performance aspect as of both worlds kinda thing.
  5. If you want you can get the Megahalems it dont come with fans so you can get Led fans of choice.
    It is a great cooler, one of the best.
    I have one and I love it.
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  7. Thanks for the BA and good luck. [:bohleyk:1]
  8. hello everyone, instead of posting new thread. imma try to get another answer. I've decided to go with the NH-D14, was wondering and i cant get a clear answer if the huge CPU cooler will fit inside my Antec 1200 with the side intake fan intact or do i have to remove it?

    Cant seem to find a clear answer on the web....anyone have a antec 1200 with NH-D14 with the side intake fan?

    please assit and show link to pictures..i need to be 100% sure before i purchase.

    Thank all
  9. It looks like it would fit but I am not sure because I cant find anything to be for sure.
    If not you could always remove the fan, I dont think it will affect the cooling performance.
    Do some measuring the D14 is about 140mm wide so it is about 70mm(2.8in) from the center of the to the edge. So just measure form the center of your cooler down 70mm
    then measure from the base of your cooler out to the outside of your case 160mm(6.3in)
    That should give you a good Idea if it will fit with the fan.
  10. Hey Dirtyjuice,

    Ya i can't find a definite answer...

    imma try to find the picture of Megahalems Rev B. and see if it fits into antec 1200 with side case fan. =)
  11. They had to cut one of the corners off the fan but it will fit.
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