Intel E6850 vs a new good processor

i had the E6850 3.00 ghz 4 mb cache with the asus commando Motherboard
for 2 years and got a ucode error and nothing fixed it, asked for an RMA from intel after contacting Asus and i am still getting the same processor. one store told me it is compatibility issue but it was working for 2 years!!
my question is shall i install it again or try to sell and replace it with a new processor and if yes which 775 socket do you recommend.
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  1. That really sucks,i wonder what went wrong with it,well it is definetely better to upgrade at this point (what have you got to lose?),your options depend on what your motherboard can handle, luckily for you the asus commando was one of the best mobos at the time and thus is still capable of handling many core 2 duos even now,your two best options would be the E8400 (for that mobo and for the price i think it is the best option) or an E7 series chip (i would go with the 8400 since it supports virtualization which will be needed to run xp mode on windows 7), of course going with another E6850 isn't completely a bad idea but i think you will be satisfied with an E8400 until your next big upgrade
  2. Hi D

    You have some pretty good choices see for yourself, Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad.
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