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Hello, I have an e8400 cooled by a zalman 9500AT and was wondering if I upgrade to a better zalman cooler such as the cnps10x extreme or performa if the mounting bracket is the same so I don't have to remove the mb from the case. I want to upgrade the cpu to a Q9650 and I know the little 9500AT aint gonna cut it for a Quad. Thanks for your time, this is my first posting.
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  1. I should add that I am sure the mounting for the extreme and performa are probably different than the 9500 so what I should have asked is which zalman if any would be compatible with my mounting hardware which would offer better cooling than my 9500AT.
  2. i dont understand why you would change it in the first place..........9500 AT is enough for E8400 with mild OC...........

    and also if you go for a new cooler you get a new mounting system.......... you dont have to buy one.......... unless you dont want to remove your mobo...........
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