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Hello, I just had 2 Seagate Hard drives (separate computers) go south on me.... without warning two days apart from each other - yikes, now I see all the problems being reported - so what would be a GREAT replacement for these ???
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  1. Samsung Spinpoint F3 seems to be popular here.
    with the promo code it is only $58.99. Not bad for a 1tb drive.
  2. Depends on what they were....if they were 7200.11's, I'd say you were lucky they lasted this long as that model is several years old and had a well known firmware defect. If they were 7200.12's and died so close to one another, I'd say it's too "coincidental" not to investigate a possible common cause.

    The 7200.11's have been reported to have the highest failure rate among drives in recent still catches buyers as they are most often sold along 7200.12's at heavily discounted prices. These problems were not however common to the 7200.10's or the 7200.12's ....

    If ya check the reliability database over at storage you will see just about every manufacturer has had a 'dud' model now and then....IBM had the infamous Deskstar failures in one model and one of the WD raptor models had a 25% failure rate. As each manufacturer has had their turn at having a dud, it' important to focus less on vendor than on model.
  3. I would recommend WD Blacks for reliability or Samsung F3s for the best price/performance ratio.
  4. Samsung F4 model HD322GJ/U for performance although its only 320GB HDD.
  5. I'm not too sure about internals, but 3 of my 6 WD externals are making that bizarre clicking noise unique to dying drives and refusing to open certain files. I've never lost a Samsung though.
  6. I just picked up a WD caviar blue 1TB for $60, though I'm not sure how it would compare side to side with the Spinpoint F3s. There's definitely a lot of love for the F3s on these forums though.
  7. KingArcher said:
    Samsung F4 model HD322GJ/U for performance although its only 320GB HDD.
    Available in both 320GB and 2TB, one might not be enough and the other might be too much. I wonder why they didn't release 667GB and 1.3TB versions yet.
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