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When I hit the power button on my tower the computer turns on for about three seconds and then shuts off. It shuts off before any beeps and doesn't always do it. It starts normally about 50% of the time.

Has anyone had this problem or know what it might be. I am thinking it is the motherboard and I have a GIGABYTE GA-EP45C-UD3R.
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  1. Have you recently added a new (or often actually, older) USB device to the system? They often account for really weird problems... If this were a consistent problem, I'd suggest looking to see if your heatsink/fan mounts were fully engaged and functional, as the CPU only takes a couple seconds to go into thermal shutdown if it can't properly 'shed' heat, but then the problem wouldn't be intermittent, it would always happen....
  2. Specifications?
  3. Your CMOS battery could be dying. Check it with a volt meter.
  4. can we get your Specifications, might be your power supply or mobo.
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