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Searching for the perfect Keyboard.

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June 12, 2009 5:23:24 AM

Recently I bought a LCD TV for my room and now I needs a wireless keyboard so I can use the LCD as a monitor without having miles of wires troughtout my room, but since there are only combos with mouses for the wireless keyboard, im going for the combo.

Before beggining, I'd also like to ask you guys something: What's the difference between Wireless and Cordless?

Getting back to the main subject..

So far I've chosen the "Logitech - Wave Pro Cordless Desktop" keyboard ->

But, as I said, I want the perfect keyboard, so I'd like to know if there is any keyboard with the following specifications:

-No wires
-With hotkeys
-High keys (don't know if that's the real term.. but its just that I don't like laptop-like keys)
-With USB rechargeable battery insteaned of AA batterys, so I could choose between using it without wire (for when I'm watching movies on the LCD screen) or with wire (for when I'm just using the pc for work or games)
-Color isn't really a problem, but I'd rather it to be black.

For as to the mouse.. I currently have a MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse da logitech -> wich have 1800 dps and 8 buttons. I actually wouldn't want to change it, but since all wireless keyboards I can find are the combo ones (with mouse), in case that the mouse isn't as good as mine, I guess I'd just have to use my MX518 as the main one, using the wireless as for when I'm watching movies. But if there is the possibility to choose, I'd like a mouse as good or better then the one I have :)  Not a need though.

And by the way, if I could choose a store, I guess I'd choose Best Buy, but anything related to Orlando, Florida, Downtown Disney or something close to it should do :) 

Well I think that's all... I use my computer mainly for games and work.. So.. Anyone got any idea? :) 

Oh! I forgot to say, price-wise, I'd say a max of 150 dolars.

I'd like to thanks all the readers and apolagize for my bad english (I'm brazilian, but yes, I'm traveling to the US by september, so that's why I'm asking for a keyboard on an american forum :p )
Honestly, Thiago :) 
Good day to everyone =D

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June 12, 2009 6:19:48 AM

Id start by looking at the logitech dinovo edge - it does most of what you want, it doesnt have a usb charger but does have a docking cradle, not sure what the keys are like...
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June 12, 2009 6:07:39 PM

will_chellam said:
Id start by looking at the logitech dinovo edge - it does most of what you want, it doesnt have a usb charger but does have a docking cradle, not sure what the keys are like...

Dude, damnit! They keyboard does have the usb rechargeable thing, but they keys look like they are slim ! argh! =(
June 12, 2009 6:14:44 PM

gkay09 said:
Maybe these ...
Logitech Wave Black
Logitech G7 Black

What are the differences between the keyboard you posted and the one I had chosen? I know yours is called Wave and mine is called Pro Wave, but aside of the look, I didn't see the difference much.. haha :p 
June 12, 2009 7:18:58 PM
The logitech Dinovo media desktop is pretty sweet. the keypad actually will work as a remote for windows media center. (though it may take a bit of getting use too) Mouse is pretty good and rechargeable. The set uses bluetooth, but if you don't install setpoint it works as a standard RF mouse and keyboard. Just thought I'd add that I use this set personally.
June 13, 2009 7:16:36 PM

I did some more research and I've found this:

I was almost sure that this would be the one.. but then, the keys are slim again.. and, for the main reason, IT FREAKING COSTS 300 DOLLARS!!

Despite everything, im going for the Pro wave one so far as I don't seem to find a rechargeable keyboard that it isn't slim, it is ergonomic and it is still a GOOD keyboard.. The Pro Wave is doing so far everything but having the USB rechargeable thing.. and well.. I guess i'll have to buy some more recharable alkalines then :p 
June 14, 2009 7:20:13 AM

PsyKhiqZero said:
FYI they make a step down model of the MS set w/o a rechargeable keyboard.

Nice thing about these is that they have a very small touchpad in the upper right corner with the mouse keys on the left. Great for media center. But if you don't like slim boards then the wave is prolly the best bet. or the MX 5500

About the MX one.. I've read some peole saying the LCD on the top of the keyboard is crap and it also consumes more battery because of it.. besides that, I can't really tell the difference between both, and about the Microsoft one, to be honest I've never considered purchasing one simply because most people say that Logitech has the best keyboards-mouse out there (besides Razor I guess)... But then on the other hand that would be buying a product for its image and not for what it can do for you.. It's kinda late for me here right now, but as soon as I get back to my pc I'll try and get some Pros and Cons on the 3 of those keyboard :) 

Actually I couldn't go to sleep haha.. so I did a minor research at Best Buy and here is the result:*1217030529578*1218008373969&unProductString=1175389260996*1153336299244*1186003681402*1093467913313*1194051841320*1195597501225*1153998434209*1218008374038*1218005633785*1185267959364*1200702781576*1208561589382*1205537714540*1174694191939*1218013389460*1218006410484*1157067255426*1186005932539*1174092316519*1218069253887*1218061080827*1122652230276*1175388722621*1218011399741*1216424485048*1203815035103*1201307262809*1140394756646*1130342820252*1218069253818*1185267959432*1218011397299*1218090328395*1217030529377*1218069255546*1218011401413*1217514942599*1217633560376*1218090325162*1218090328817*1218011395580*1218090329013*1218090324460*1218090326452*1217633560240*1209165868868*1218090333559*1218090332265*1218090331390*1218090333061*1218090329298*1218090322426*1218090322991*1218090330347*1218090333701*1218090330970*1218090324738*1218090331462*1218090332220*1218090333981*1218090327622*1218090324606*1218090330830*1218090329584*1218090322639*1218090334265*1218090330135*1218090330493*1218090334338*1218090333911*1218090330204*1218090332782*1218090334124&catId=

Acording to that, Wave Pro costs the same as the 7000, wich is U$116, the MX one costs U$152.
Mx needs 4 batterys, 7000 needs 3, Wave Pro needs 2 and only the last two have a rechargeable mouse
Besides that they look pretty much the same, all have multimedia keys, customizable controls, 30 feet range.
O ya, about wireless conection, microsoft and MX uses bluetooth tecnology while Wave Pro uses an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless (not sure the difference tho =( )
What else.. MX have the LCD thing with can be used to easily change musics, as a calculator, display time and weather and few more things..
Couldn't get none of the mices DPI but MX seems to have the best one. 7000 and MX looks like they are slim but I can't really say it for sure...
And ya.. so far I still use Windows XP, planning on installing Windows 7 Beta by the end of this month and hopefully purchasing it when it releases, so I don't really know about media centers such..

Anything else you can add to that? Course.. I got those info in about 10-15 minutes and at about 3 differente sites, pretty sure I can find more, but thats just enough for me to be able to sleep :p 

What would you say overall ? :) 
Thanks about the great help so far =D
June 14, 2009 6:03:03 PM

Seems like your all set. The LCD screen on my dinovo media keypad doesn't seem to eat a noticable amount of battery. I so rarely have to change the batteries in my keyboard that I can't remember the last time I had too. But again just FYI. MX 5500, Wave Pro and the MS 7000 all have rechargeable mice.

The MX 5500 isn't a slim keyboard. (By slim I assuming your mean laptop style keys).

The MX 5500 and the Wave Pro come with the MX revolution and the MX 1100 Mice respectively and should be close to each other in terms of performance. Personally I like the MX 1100 better as a gaming mouse. (it has a hidden button in the thumb rest)

Good luck with your choice.