Ati chipset + nvidia card

i want to get this mobo

with this gfx card

with this cpu

I'm a chipset noob. Are chipset drivers for bios? Will I be able to use the GT240 and still be able to unlock a 2nd core for the sempron? I'm worried that if i buy this combo the cpu might not be able to get unlocked into dualcore because i will have an nvidia driver. Somebody please explain to me because I do not understand how this works!
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  1. The 240 will work and not affect what else you can do on that mobo. However, if you are buying that card from Newegg, you might want to consider an HD 5670:

    a DX11 card for less money after MIR and better performance according to this table:,2761-7.html
  2. Personally Id Go With A GT430; And A Dual-Core
  3. ^ -1
    I'll suggest the OP to buy either a 512mb GT 240 ddr5(do not buy a 1gb one this card only uses 512mb vram),its much faster and a better card than gt 430.The gt 430 may give dx11 but isn't strong enough to run dx11 games,he'll experience too much lags.Or I would suggest he spends a little more to buy the HD 5670 1gb ddr5.
  4. I don't know I like the OP's choice the memory clocks in at 850 Ghz
    now that's fast
  5. thank you guys for your much needed inputs. I am still concerned though that the video card will not be stable because the cpu is only a sempron(going to unlock 2nd core). Do u guys think i will be fine with this setup?
  6. low performance does NOT equal less stability

    if this is for gaming dont expect too much....

    chipsets - aslong as its not a crappy VIA chipset (its not) anything will work with it just dont expect SLI for a non nvidia chipset (for AMD platform anyhow...)

    Good choice avoiding nvidia chipsets too...
  7. and errr personally i wouldnt touch any crappy brands - MSI, Biostar, ECS etc

    LOL @ video card hsf angle
  8. Sempron will run minor cards like that fine. The 240 is a fine card, the 5670 is a good card too. Now sunhashin, remember than not all semprons or amd deneb arch processors unlock. Its a chance.

    Refer mobos and chips to this thread:

    As for your card, its fine with the board, any nvidia card with an AMD chipset is fine, its just that you won't be able to SLI later. But that doesn't seem to really affect you. soo... This is a fine setup.
  9. Wtf.... MSI isn't a bad mobo brand its one of the best... -_- especially there GD70 series. And there budget Fuzion board LGA 1156. Biostar is not the greatest, but for a budget build its really the only one he can get. However... I went and looked on newegg..

    That board ^ is much better than the one you chose, not saying its a huge amount better, but... I'd pick Asrock of biostar imo.
  10. Wow thankyou aznshinobi. This whole time I was thinking that unlocking cores were a guaranteed thing but I guess not. I'm glad I found out now rather than ordering that sempron and finding out it doesn't unlock. I'm just going to spend a few more bucks and get the Rana x3 cpu. Not only do I want dual-core+, I also want to try unlocking cores for the first time. So I'm gunna stay on the safe side and get a triple core so if my unlocking attempt fails, atleast I will still have 3 cores.
  11. Nice! the Rana series is really one of the greater budget chips imo.

    Look at this article though, its basically saying the Rana is the best budget chip. But maybe there will be another chip you like.,2666.html

    The 445 is the best option btw, since you could easily oc it to the 450's speed.
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