Lian-Li A17 case and mis-aligned motherboard ports

I'm experiencing a problem with mis-aligning motherboard ports on my Lian-Li A17 case. I'll let the pictures do the talking, note I've put small washers under the hex stand-offs; if I didn't the problem would be worse. I don't see what I can do as the entire board needs to be shifted to the right (or down once installed).

On my previous A17 case the ports aligned perfectly but two pop rivets came loose, so I replaced it with another A17 and now I'm finding the board ports no longer align. Has anyone else experienced this type of problem? I'm unsure what to do, other than look for another case, I'm considering a Sonata Elite.

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  1. Directly contact lian-li with your pics
  2. rescawen said:
    Directly contact lian-li with your pics

    I e-mailed them three days ago, no reply as yet. I just sent them another message. They don't publish an e-mail address on their web-site, only a Technical Support contact form so I can't attach pictures. Thanks anyway.
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