2900xt Horizontal Pixelated lines, Atikmdag, BSOD's, etc

Hi guys and girls, i recently woke up one fine morning to find on boot up of my PC that i had Horizontal Lines running all over the place, a couple of minutes latter i receive a BSOD and something about atikmdag. uninstall drivers, change monitors, etc and it still has these pixilated lines and texture tearing problems. reinstall Vista and it fixes it as long as i don't run 3d aps or Movies. as soon as i do, the game has texture tearing, pixelated lines, the whole shebang. Any ideas? rolling back or installing new drivers don't work. please help, its driving me insane :fou:
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  1. System Specs

    AMD 6400+ 3.2ghz
    HIS 2900xt 512mb
    3gb SuperTalent ddr2 800
    Asus M2 SLI Deluxe AM2 Motherboard
    Samsung 931BW
  2. Especially annoying when people put in the effort to reply.
  3. :non: Excuse me previous posters, but some of us have lives :o and 11 days is not a lot of time. Remember patience is a virtue ;). I have just finished a hectic week at university with back to back assignments and have only just received an email from toms's telling me that i have had replies. i also stated in the original post that i have installed AND rolled back drivers without success. Also i have never had an Nvidia card installed in the system . Please don't be so rude. :pfff:

    Regards :love:
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