Bios checksum error, do I need a new motherboard

I was doing a bios update yesterday, but then I accidentally restarted, so then the BIOS was corrupted. I was updating it in Windows. My motherboard is a BIOSTAR 945GZ Micro775. So now, it says BIOS Checksum Error, and System is halted, but before it halts, it checks the floppy drive.

I have not dried using the Floppy drive, since I have no floppy yet, but do you think my motherboard is over? How does the floppy thing work? Do I put the BIOS file inside the floppy and then put it in the drive. Would this automatically fix it? the motherboard a goner and I need to get a new one?

If it is a goner and you guys think so, then:

I was debating on these 3 micro-atx motherboards. They seem to have fair and easy overclocking abilities, and I needed the RAID and dual memory channels. A lot of the cheapers do not have both RAID and dual channels. My Biostar micro-atx motherboard, does not have RAID and thus, I thought updating BIOS would do it, but I was wrong.. It was because I kept updating it back and forward that got me confused.

Which motherboard would you choose, if the BIOS and that motherboard cannot be fixed. If you have other suggestions, I will hear you out too. I really need them to support Pentium D! Since I do not wish to upgrade the CPU yet. The websites say they do, but does not say that. I just want to double check, make sure that it will work with that CPU.

I will be leaving soon, so if I do buy it, I need it to come by Tuesday and fix it that night. Thanks guys! :bounce:
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  1. I have a biostar board also. Just try unplugging the power supply and remove the motherboard battery for a few seconds and reinstall. When the system powers on, use cd-rom>hardrive for your boot order and disable all other boot order items.
  2. I did that already. I can't get into Bios as the Bios itself is corrupted. It didn't work at all. I had taken the batter out and the power out for more than just a few seconds, I even tried resetting BIOS, but I guess since it's a corrupted BIOS it wouldn't do much either.
  3. Usually the motherboard goes into a bios recovery mode or by pressing some set of keyboard combinations. then you can use a floppy to reflash the bios. Check you motherboard manual
  4. Would you happen to have a link to the AWDFLASH.EXE?? I can't find it on the Biostar website.
  5. Well, I downlodaed the thing, now I noticed my floppy drive uses a different pin system.. there are 2 pins then an empty one on the motherboard, but the floppy i have has 1 pin and then the gap, so it is not fit.. I guess I have to buy a new motherboard, any suggestion from the above..
  6. Check your floppy cable, it should fit, if not you can get it from a friend or and old computer
  7. I'm waiting for my father to come home with the computer at his store. It's newer there so it might fit.
  8. Pretty sure you need a nw mobo. Dont ever flash in windows, and especially dont restart during a flash.
  9. Check the position of the cmos jumper, usually number 1. It may be in the open (reset) position. Mine has to be on pins 2-3 to post.
  10. That isn't the problem either. If you have the jumper on the wrong 2 pins, it just won't boot. If you have it on the right 2 pins then it will boot.

    I did have it on the right 2 pins,so when it boots up, it gives me the Bios Checksum error. I did also try to leave it on the other 2 pins, but it just won't boot like I said. All I can do now is just wait.
  11. NEvermind, tha was the wrong awdflash. Ineed one for BIOSTAR can't find it anywhere.
  12. i ifnally foudn it it is fixed guys, thanks.
  13. One thing to learn from this is to be prepared next time. We all rely upon using our computer to fix our computer - and that won't work when your computer won't start!

    Make sure you print out your manual. Be sure to have already prepared bootable utilites and test them! Download the latest driver/BIOS updates to a CD even if you don't plan to use them - along with copies of any other useful item to run on a friends computer. And of course, backup backup backup!
  14. I learned my lesson, lol, always keep a floppy drive and disk in handy!!!!
  15. can get u a new bios chip for cheap... I'v did it once... its the best, easy, cheap... must do...
  16. The best lesson here again, don't update your BIOS unless the update was written to correct a SPECIFIC problem you are having. Otherwise, it is pointless to update your BIOS. Completely, utterly pointless.
  17. Next time try to get a bootable pendrive for flashing your bios. I know MSI latest Liveupdate has a program called MsiUsbBootTool.exe
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