Removing IHS?

OK so I recently upgraded to a AMD II X3 445, and I have a old Atjhlon 3600+ Barton, and a Sempron Sparta LE-1300, I want to OC them for fun, and I want to remove the IHS, but monitor temps before and after, how can I remove them?, is there any point?
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  1. Umm not barton -.-"
  2. I was going to ask if you meant a 2600+ barton. As for your question I'd start here.
  3. I also wanted to ask while OC;ing the 445, what would be the max Vcore?

    I want to hit 4Ghz stable -.-"

    15.5 x 258 = 3999 I think I will have to pump some more V in oto the core, but I dont know what a maximum Vcore is for thsi hip?
  4. And also My 445 IS running a a vcore of 1.42 - is that normal for stco because I havent attameped OC'ing yet...
  5. Seems a bit high but I'm not sure. I think the safe max is 1.5V.
  6. Well everything except my GPU (G240, orig 550/1400shader/1700 - 655/1685/2030)

    is running at stock speeds but for some reason this 445 is running @ 1.42 - I have looked at it for a few seconds, and it was fuctuating to 1.400 - 1.42

    I think that is not right?
  7. It might depend on the chip. I'm not very familar with the PhII. I think they run anywhere from 1.3-1.4. 1.5 is the max. (might be 1.55) Its on the higher side, but not horrible.
  8. Well for some reason it seems to be fulctuating to 1.4 - 1.42

    But anyway maybe because it has higher Vcore, I might be able to OC it more :D
  9. I just did a complete reset in BIOS, now it is at 1.408 LOLWUT?
  10. And since I last updated my BIOS, my voltage overclock'er has option has gone!?
  11. The Vcore will change a bit, don't worry about it. No real difference between 1.4 and 1.42.
  12. I just sent a ticket to ECS -.-"
  13. But anyway thanks 4745454b
  14. Sent a ticket to ECS for what? wanting to remove an AMD IHS?
  15. No my BIOS is VERY! buggy, so I asked for the factory BIOS,mainly because the voltage Overclock is missing, lol.
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