E5200 r0 - Single Core???

Yep, that's right. My brand new E5200, which I bought to replace my oven of a CPU (Q6600) is running only 1 core. Device Manager, Task Manager, CS: Source, CPU-Z, CoreTemp and "you name it" all report 1 core. My setup is:

Zotac Mini ITX 9300 Mobo
E5200 3.0Ghz
2 x 1GB Kingston ValueRam (low profile)
HD4850 1GB
Windows 7 32-bit (up to date)

If I had half a brain I'd guess its a bios problem with the new revision. If I had another half of a brain I'd guess there won't be a bios update for some time seeing as they still havent added undervolting (though I do think I saw an article where Zotac mentioned why they were not adding undervolting to their prized mini itx board.)

What do you guys think? I've only seen this on the internet once with about 20 minutes invested into google. Anyone heard of this?
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  1. Sounds like your motherboard doesn't support 45nm...

    It seems to support 45nm, although the E5x00 isn't on the list.

  2. Should be compatible. Check this builder's website where they offer the same CPU mobo combo as what you have.


    Check affinity settings?
  3. Update/Correction: The wonderful program PC Wizard does state it is a Dual Core (which I ofc knew already) but, the good news (kinda) is that it acknowledges 2 cores and says that only 1 is enabled? Definitely sounds like a bios setting now. Will update later.
  4. Delete all cpuz in device manager and reboot.

  5. ................bios update...
  6. Yeah I agree try a BIOS update.
  7. Yep, bios update
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