Problem formatting a SAMSUNG Eg F3 HD203WI and Paragon Alignment Tool

Hi, yesterday I formatted my new HD203WI with partition magic (just a large partition), my SO is XP so I tried to run for the first time even Paragon Alignment Tool (it said that all my partitions are not aligned), just to figure how it work because I want to buy even some F4 HD204UI and I am aware about the 4K sector problem with XP. The tools apparently did hits work and everything seemed to work well, but when I open partition magic it says that now the new drive is damaged, I tried to format it again, but it was not possible (an error message appears after POST).

Do you think it’s a normal behavior of PQ magic after paragon did change its layout of the partitions or I did something wrong? I can leave it this way or it’s a problem to solve?
Now I can try some other program or the windows utility, but I don’t know if run again Alignment Tool.

Thank you
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  1. Why don't you just use XP to configure your partitions when you do the initial installation? There is no need to use a 3rd party tool to set up your partitions. When asked where to install XP, delete the current partitions and then make them how you want them. Format the first partition and install XP in that location. Once XP is installed and boots, format the additional partitions. Really a straight forward thing to do.

    Good luck!
  2. Hi, thank you for your answer
    it's a data disk, not boot, so no need to install xp
    I have tried to use 3th parties programs because xp can't handle the new 4k hds in the better way, now it's not my problem, but it will be very soon

    now I am doing a low level format, after I have 2 possibilities:
    1) partitioning with paragon manager and after run again Alignment Tool (just like the first time, but partition magic didn't work)
    2) just partitioning and leave it misaligned (but I will be again in troubles with the next hd and I am looking to buy some of them)

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