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I have a small LAN and recently acquired a laptop with a wirless 802.11g adapter. I don't know what I should get or what would work best as far as for connecting my existing wired LAN with a new wireless one. I was looking at Newegg trying to figure what to get. Do I just need a WAP or do I need an ethernet bridge and what brands would some of you recommend.

edit: If it matters, right now I am using a cheap little Netgear broadband router for my little wired LAN. (this is what I want to hook a wireless network up to as well)<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by defubar on 05/07/04 09:00 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. if you simply want to add wireless access to the internet through your existing router for a laptop with a g adapter then i would suggest getting a "g" access point (WAP). WAP's allow wireless clients (such as your laptop) to get on to the network.

    Wireless bridges won't be needed in your case.

    I personally use a Buffalo WLA-G54 access point, which has a WDS bridge mode, but once again, you won't need that unless you buy two, and want to start wiring up games consoles and PC's with only wire LAN cards.
  2. Just get an AP and patch it into your existing network via a Cat5 patch cable and an open port on your router's switch. Then setup your security measures for the WLAN.

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