About to install win7 and HD not the detected at right size? Help

I'm installing win7 for the first time on a new build and at the screen that shows the disk0 unallocated space its showing a total size of 596.2gb for thte total size and the same for the unallocated space. The HD is a 640gb wd caviar black. Is this right or is something wrong? Thanks.
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    thats correct.

    advertised sizes are basically shown to be more than the genuine available space. since the OS works it out in binary math, the number of bytes to calculate a gig is lower.
    so the drive has 640gb when caculated in base ten math, but only 596 when calculated in binary math.

    plsu, a small portion of a HDD is used for firmware or random software that you cannot access. this is only a fraction though, the biggest thing is the deffierent math used to work it out.
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply. Appreciate it.
  3. happy to help :)
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