I5 @ 3,8ghz, now want to control multiplier + vcore via software!

Hi; I've managed to get to 3,88ghz on my i5 setup with the following voltages:

vcore: 1,3875
vtt/imc: 1,21
cpu pll: 1,88
dram voltage: 1,64

Now I want to be able to use windows powersaver mode and hence I want to enable powersavings-features in bios. The thing is, I can now adjust the multiplier in windows which in turn lowers the vcore a great deal (as im using dynamic vcore) but I can't adjust the vtt and cpu pll. So what I wonder is:

if I "underclock" the cpu in windows in order to save power (by lowering the multiplier), to say 1,5ghz, will that damage the cpu considering that the vtt and cpupll will still be on 1,21 and 1,88 respectively.

Please help! :)

- Mikael
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  1. No, it will not damage the CPU.
    It will lower vcore and CPU temps so it will be less stressful on the CPU when idle or when using a less CPU intense App.
    You can do this in the bios if you enable C1E, Speedstep, EIST, and all other c states.
  2. ok thanks a bunch. I'm just using the EIST atm as when I try turning on the other functions I get bsod or just a windows that never actually starts.

    But I don't pay for electricity where I live as its included in the rent so I don't really care :D
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