S-Video to S-Video OR DVI to Component adapter

I have a PNY GeForece 8400 GS, which has a D-Sub (VGA), DVI, and S-Video Out. I would like to connect a Vista Media PC to watch DVD's on my TV (Mitsubishi HD1080 55"). I was wondering if I gain any quality if I use a DVI to component adapter, to connect to the TV? Or should I just stick with S-Video to S-Video. I understand S-Video is the lowest quality, aside from VGA (Composite).

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  1. Component. S video doesn't support any HDTV resolutions while Component does also component separates it by Luma chroma1 chroma2, S video is only Luma and Chroma with a much smaller bandwidth thus no HD resolutions.

    You may thinking of S video when you just mean a Mini-DIN connector S video only uses 4 pins while the Mini-DIN can have as much as 9 connections? Usually graphics cards will have a Mini-Din to component which is what i guess you mean... I've never heard of dvi to component.

    Composite < S video < Component
  2. The PNY Geforce 8400 GS (model VCG84512SPEB) card I have is only a 4 pin connection (S-Video). If you click on the link and check out the photos, you can see it is a 4 pin connection). It was the only card that was available for my computers PSU (300watt). I may consider on upgrading the PSU to accomodate a EVGA GeForce 8400 GS (Model 512-P1-N724-LR), which a 350watt PSU is recommended, but that may not be for awhile. The EVGA 8400 GS has a 9 pin.

    I have read that S-Video was of the lower qualities for video, but I wasn't aware it wasn't compatible with HD. I was looking into the the DVI to HDTV (Component) adapter (Sapphire DVI to HDTV). Hopefully the local TigerDirect has something similar in stock, since I don't really want to wait for delivery.

    Thanks again :)
  3. I would suggest a DVI to HDMI adapter.
  4. Unfortunately, the TV does not have HDMI. Only Component, Composite, & S-Video. The video card only has S-Video (4 pin), VGA, and DVI.

    If I cannot find the adapter DVI to Component adapter locally, I am considering of upgrading the PSU to 400w and going with the EVGA Geforce 8400, which requires 350w PSU. The EVGA card does have an HDTV out (9 pin).
  5. It looks like I have no option but to return the PNY Geforce 8400 GS (model VCG84512SPEB) and upgrade the PSU and go with the EVGA GeForce 8400 GS (Model 512-P1-N724-LR). According to PNY, the PNY Geforce 8400 does NOT support HDTV. Since the EVGA Geforce 8400 has a HDTV out, it would be safe to assume that it supports it.
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