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Correct heatsink orientation...

Please advise if this is the best way to orient the heatsink before I finish this box. Please tell me why than just "this way". Obviously, I will stand the box up when done ...if it matters.

Have a Cooler Master Sileo with stockd fans, a Silent Pro 700w power supply, and a ZALMAN CNPS10X QUIET 120mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler. Used for a Digital Audio Workstation where silence is golden!

Thanks in advance.
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  1. My preference would be:

    Power Supply - as it is (can't change it anyway)
    Rear Case Fan - Blow Out of case
    CPU Fan - Blow from front to back (pushing air through the fins if possible - pulling through the fins doesn't move as much air).
    Front Case Fan - Blow into case

    Why? -> This will make all of the fans work together. They will all blow from the front of the case to the back of the case.

    Also if you are unsure, you can always start it up and observe temps and change if ineffective.
  2. So, the orientation of the fins are fine? And then just use the fan blowing through them.
  3. @billibOb - as EXT64 said the positioning of the cooler fan is wrong........the fan should be on the other side blowing air towards the case fan which should exhaust the air.......... if needed add another fan to the cooler like said above with existing orientation to push pull air through the fins.........
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    If you only have a single fan on the CPU cooler, it is best to have it in a "push" configuration toward the back of the case (or top if you have a bottom PSU mount). You only want to do a "pull" configuration if you have no choice or if you have two fans in "push-pull" configuration.
  5. K. 180 degree rotation with the fan pushing air towards the back case fan. Got it. Makes sense.

    Thank you :)
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