Looking for best possible cpu air cooler

case: cooler master haf 932
mobo: ASUS P6X58D PREMIUM 1366 R
cpu: i7 950 (3.06gh)
gpu: single radeon 5970

the g.skill mem is pretty tall so I'm a little concerned about that, but I can move them all into the second set of 3 ram slots to get a little more room.

I'd like to try to OC the i7 into the 3.5-3.6 range using air cooling... stable obviously... and I want to know if this is possible, and if so what's the best air cooler to use? I've looked over over this site and it seems they dont have any reviews for 1336 air coolers that I could find

not figuring cost into the equation I'm looking for good balance of best cooling vs noise... also it doesn't have to be a stock out of box setup, if a certain cooler paired with a certain fan or pair of fans works incredibly well I'll go that route.

also I'm looking for the best air cooler for the 5970, sadly the thermalright hr03 doesnt fit it :(

thanks again for the input
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  1. just some more info...

    so far from the 1336 coolers I've found I think I'm leaning towards the megahalem revb or the super mega.. (which is better?)

    I'm really having trouble finding coolers for the 5970...

    I've found the arctic cooling xtreme 5970 which makes some good points about its cooling vs stock... but any cooler should beat stock so that's no real suprise... and I can't find much to compare it to
  2. regarding 1366 cooler for your i7 - my recommendation would be for Noctua NH D14. It fits in HAF 932. The PI series of Gskill is not recommended with the Noctua NH D14 but it said the same for my patriot gamer series too but fits...... the fans can be adjusted up to accommodate the ram heatsinks...........see the following videos to get a good idea on how it works inside haf 932........



    Regarding 5970 coolers - not much idea since i havent seen one in the flesh but what i researched in the net, looks like Arctic Accelero Xtreme 5970 is the best if not only air cooling solution in the market..........i have a few links for you to decide..........


    Koolance EK-5970, XSPC Razor 5970 and Danger Den DD-5970 are water cooler kits for 5970, in case u r interested.........
  3. This is good site for heat sink reviews

  4. Hello makari,

    On your question of Super Mega vs. Megahalems. In the reviews I have seen the Super actually performs a few degrees C higer than the Mega. Seen Here: Benchmarkreviews.com This is a great site for Cpu Heatsink Reviews.

    Also Check out these sites:

    To start if you want to do your own research these are some great sites, if not the best:
    Hardware Canucks

    These are a short list of my top picks:
    (Each has its own pros and cons for you to decide on for yourself)

    Cooler Master Hyper 212+
    Scythe Mugen 2 SCMG-2000
    Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
    Spire Thermax Eclipse II
    Prolimatech Megahalems

    And you couldcheck out my thread on a similar topic: Which i7 Heatsink?

    Has alot of good links to reviews of the top CPU heatsinks out there.

    Side Note - I picked up the Prolimatech Megahalems few weeks ago
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