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Hello, I need help, I recently installed in my case 3 case fans, because the others were old, generic, making noises..., but the new temps aren't good at all, the cpu (AMD 955 stock cooler and clock) stays in 55ºC sometimes hits 57ºC :??: the gpu (Sapphire 5770 stock clock and cooler, no egg, no cubic) idle 47ºC and gaming yesterday touch 81ºC :ouch: the case fans are Evercool SFF-8 and SFF-12 mounted without filters (the spidermans), i got one 80mm on the case front pulling air to the inside (the HD is on the middle), one 120mm in the side of the case pushing air for outside (its barely in front of the gpu) and the last one 80mm its on the rear pushing air outside too (under the PSU).

Others: also installed another stick of RAM (total 3 sticks) and a DVD Burner the same time as fans, temps checked with CPUID HWMonitor, the fans are working perfect.

Help! I don't want to fry my card and cpu :(
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  1. what's your room temp.? looks like your case is to small or you have to add one more exhaust fan(overall temperature is high)
  2. do you OC????? whats your case????? the cpu temps are OK but the GPU is high........ i dont see problems with the fans.......... except that there is not enough exhaust.......... just for trial (not common though).......... try the 2 x 80mm for pushing air in and 120mm side fan for exhaust....... also try front fan for pushing air in and 120mm and rear 80mm for exhaust..........
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    As a general rule, front and side should be intake, and top (if present) and rear (including the PSU) are exhaust.
    Your CPU temps aren't98 bad at all.
    But yes, what case do you have?
  4. The room temp is supposed to be the same as outside temps, about 26ºC (right now) I think. I don't OC, everything is at stock clocks, the case is a cheap generic but I think is based in this model but without that front door, it haves an 80mm front fan as intake (in front of hdds), a 120mm side fan, the rear fan is 80mm as exhaust, also a place for top fan.

    Ok I'm trying this, the side fan was exhaust now is intake trowing air into GPU fan, added an old generic fan in top as exhaust (80mm), right now (idle):
    GPU Core: 40ºC
    CPU Cores: 37ºC
    I'll post gaming temps...
  5. when you mention "one 120mm in the side of the case pushing air for outside "i thought you meant pushing air from outside(that's the culprit)you wore pulling fresh air with 80mm and blowing same air right back out with 120mm
  6. The way you've got it now should be a decent improvement.
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  8. Nice, but what were the gaming temps?
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