Did I fry my GPU?

I've been experiencing repetitive blue screens that I believe are related to my GPU.

I play on:

Q6600 2.4 GHz
4 GB 800MHz RAM
2x 8800 GT

I was OCing my system trying to squeeze a little performance out of it for gaming.

I had set me settings to:

CPU voltage 1.4
FSB voltage 1.4
Mem voltage 2.1
chipset: auto
unlinked the mem-clk mode
FSB QDR set to 1420
MEM DDR to 900 MHZ

timings to 5-5-5-15-2t

PCI bus slots set to 102 both

So.... after the initial lockup after a few days of playing (3-6 hours a time) I tried to adjust the BIOs and backed the voltages down once then it didn't POST. So I reset the CMOS and with the default Bios settings my graphics drivers aren't working.

I RE-INSTALLED the latest drivers from Nvidia and they seemed to work on the first boot, but I got the blue screen after about a minute of checking settings.

The screen will form a loose splotch of colored pixel overtop of my screen and then blue screen. When windows reboots it says the nvidia drivers has stopped working properly (code 43). I was monitoring my GPU just before the failure and GPU 2 was ~ 64 degrees but I didn't think that was too awful high.

I just hope I didn't do any real damage, but I'm at a loss as to what I can do to fix the problem. I was thinking maybe pulling my system out of SLI and just connecting one graphics card, but I'm not sure if that is wise to do either.

I have a new GTX 470 in the mail that I was going to upgrade with, but I definitely dont want to plug that thing in if I screwed something up on the mobo.

any ideas? Thanks for the help on the long read...
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    NEVER up the PCI bus... Thank is ACTUALLY how you fry your card. Your you ONLY use (or imo) GPU Oc programs. IE MSI Afterburner (in your case EVGA Percision) or Rivatuner. Never tamper with the BIOS PCI settings unless you ACTUALLY know what your doing for gpu Oc.
  2. hahaha.

    Guess thats what I get for following other people's advice.

    So do you think upping the PCI from 100-102 damaged the mobo or GPUs? Is there any way to tell?
  3. I mean probably didn't damage it much. But... upping PCI isn't how you OC a GPU. Man you told you that?

    Umm... I would say since you do have a 470, plug that in. See how that works, if the errors stop then the card really did screw up. I'm not the best diagnostics person. So.... Yeah... But that is a way. I mean 100-102 isn't much but sometimes it doesn't take much to screw over a pc part.

    I suggest reseting your mobo setting for the PCI stuff and then just try it out on the 470.
  4. The 470 wont be here till Monday, but I can wait.

    I read this on athe DELL forums about OCing a 630i:

    Ruski07 wrote:

    PCI Bus slots- set to either '101' for both, or '102' for both, from original at 100.


    What does changing you PCI Bus slots do?


    can change the irq assigned to the device and reduce potential conflicts..

    I wasn't trying to OC the GPU. I made the mistake of thinking everything on a tech forum would be smart to do...
  5. Oh... Well... I might be wrong, I can admit that. But to diag. you'll probably hafta stick another card it to try it out.
  6. I tried to uninstall everything nvidia and re-install only the newest driver for the 8800GT. still locking.

    I then tried to system restore but it even locked up during the restore... :fou:

    Since one of the GPUs seemed to be running very hot compared to the other I took disconnected the SLI and removed the hot one. I put the other 8800 in the original spot and am attempting system restore again with just the single GPU.

    Inspecting the GPUs there seems to be a white powdery substance around some of the components. I assume this was placed there as a heat sink, but have they degraded enough or hot enough that they
    will no longer work?

    I took a couple of photos but not sure the best way to post them. :??:

  7. I'll see if these load up. might be a little big. The "powder" kinda looked like wet flour after it dries and can be flaked off with the slightest touch.

    Any thoughts?
  8. Might not have been my GPU...

    I've been reloading VISTA and was checking my temps:

    All 4 CPUs are 52-60 C which seems awful high for just idling. I am installing updates but that seems extreme.

    I cranked up the fan speeds to bring the temps down until I get windows updated. After that I think I'll remove the heat sink and check the thermal paste.

    Sound possible that high CPU temps were causing graphics issues?
  9. That is possible actually, Try replacing your paste.
  10. The paste may have been a factor. I reapplied some new paste on the heatsink and temps are hovering between 47-50 on ~20% load.

    I don't think it was THE factor though and it does seem like I did something to my GPU. Any time I try to hook up SLI it crashes. I removed one of the GPUs and seems to be stable.

    Potentially back to the PCI slots being raised from 100-102. That might have done it as you said.

    I got my GTX470 in the mail, but reluctant to plug it in and hurt something... I was planning a mobo/cpu upgrade anyway so I might just put the 470 in the new rig.
  11. Alrighty, that seems probably the best option then ^ To just stick it in the upgrade. You could just use the older build as a back up.
  12. ------- OOPS, I did'nt read the OP correctly, and jumped the gun abit------ Ignore my below comment (thanks aznshinobi)

    and check out established guides before you overclock next time. I'm an avid overclocker and have been for years but i have NEVER Increased PCI voltage higher then default, most guides warn against it.
    Infact I've had plenty of success overclocking CPU's but when I've used software based Graphics card overclockers a few times I've only every found 2-3fps difference but a lot of glitchs and instabilty.
  13. J_Sparrow, lol he just said that he wasn't OCing his cards. It was because he read some where it'd make his build more stable since his is a prebuilt computer from dell.
  14. aznshinobi said:
    NEVER up the PCI bus... Thank is ACTUALLY how you fry your card. Your you ONLY use (or imo) GPU Oc programs. IE MSI Afterburner (in your case EVGA Percision) or Rivatuner. Never tamper with the BIOS PCI settings unless you ACTUALLY know what your doing for gpu Oc.

    Seems like the best advice. My computer seems to be working well otherwise, but upping the PCI screwed up my GPU since I was upping the FSB.
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