Computer just died how?

alright people, dono if i got this in the right thread so sry if it is.

Right my story i went out and bought new power supply and a new graphicscards, wanted 2 get SLI onto the computer.

Origin specs are..
A8N-SLI premium mobo
2G DDR Kingston 3200pc 400mz ran
200GB SATA hard drive
Asus GeForce 9600gt 512 DDR
570W dual fan power supply

I wanted 2 change the power supply 2 a 580w SLI power supply and then SLI the graphics card wit a 9500gt

Once i turned it on, it would run for about a sec then turn it self off. tryed a few times then got fed up and put the origin componets back in.

Now it turns on, fans working etc but there is no display on the monitor and the hard drive don't sound like it's loading at all

Do u think that i have blow the hard drive on taking the RAM out?
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  1. uhhhhmm.....someone with more knowledge should also post but... if it was me...

    I would check to make sure that the PSU is hooked up correctly (not saying you're dumb or anything, but it's easy to overlook stuff =D )

    Since you get no visual you wouldn't be able to see it, but listen for the RAM check beep.. you may need to reseat the ram (pop em out and back in)

    With getting no display i would just pop the GPU out, make sure the contacts are clean and reseat it, again making sure that the power to it is good (if it needs an external power source)

    i don't know if this would cause this issue or not, but since you intended to replace the GPU with an Nvidia card (you said the 9500) was your old GPU an ATI card? Did you remove the drivers?

    again, someone with more knowledge should also definitely post =P

    best of luck to you gingerbread
  2. If I read the OP correctly then I think a CMOS reset wouldn't go amiss as trying to SLI a 9600GT with a 9500GT may have confused the mobo and/or the display driver.
  3. how u do a CMOS reset then? cause i ain't got a scooby lol

    well took the RAM out and put it back in again, same old results. CPU working, case fans working, everything looks like it's running smoothly but no load up.

    Possible i took the hard dive out or somthin? or blow up the RAM like an fool lol
  4. Always make sure the graphics cards you use are compatible in SLI.
    I am not going to do your research for you in regards to that.

    Some advice:

    Before upgrading the graphics card, set the resolution to 800x600.

    Uninstall existing video drivers.

    Shut down system.

    Unplug system from AC outlet, ground yourself,
    remove old video and replace with new, plug pc back in.

    Power up system.

    Windows should still be in 800x600 mode.

    Load new video driver. (you may have to reboot)

    Set previous resolution.
  5. Check your manual for the location of the reset jumper, it will mean having to unplug the mains lead and then removing the battery then move the jumper next to the battery from pins 1-2 to 2-3 for about ten seconds or so before replacing it back onto pins 1-2, replace the battery, plug the mains back in power up and enter the BIOS and redo all the settings. whilst you have the side off and the rig powered down check that all plugs an connectors are good and keep your finger crossed.
  6. ty mouse, trye it last night and no luck. Still getting same results. Turns on fine, jst don't seem 2 be loading the hard drive
  7. So you're getting something on the screen that says no operating system found?
  8. Damn I am having a very similar problem. ONly thing is all i did was shot my PC down,came home few hours later and tried to boot up and got nothing on the monitor. Lights,fans working,light on mobo working,
    but i cant hear the 2 raptor 10k rpm hard drives winding up. had them checked out of PC, was told they seem to be fine. was told by tech at best buy it was graphics card , well i spent some duckets on 2 new 275 gtx cards. Crapola same thing, no difference at all! I bet my old 8800gtx card is good, but i still have no clue whats wrong. So the original poster and i may have the same problem. help us out guys

    heres what i am running:

    INTEL QUAD CORE Q6700 2.66 GHZ 1
    2-WD RAPTOR 150GB 10,000 RPM SATAII
    CASE FAN 3

    CREATIVE X-FI XtremeGamer 1
    C2D ASUS P5N32-E SLI QUAD 680I 775 1
  9. basic, computer starts up, screen is on like a stand by. Not saying anythin. All fans are working etc. Jst not loading at all.

    Gonna ry change of the RAM and see what it comes up wit
  10. i tried the ram thing. didnt work for me. i checked the power coming into my mobo and i got a reading of 12.15 volts DC across all pins. tried 2 different GPUs .unplugged all the pci cards and tried it. I have a green light on my mobo that i thought meant it was working properly. I'm at a total loss. Does anyone on here have any clues?
  11. Did u check if u have a 12v atx connect on your mobo,had the same problem when i blew a psu,took it out,got a new one and it dident have a 12v atx connecter on it so i dident notice anything (i though id friend something) then i compaired the two and saw what i was missing so i cut it off the old psu and spliced it onto the new one and everything worked fine :D
    your not all as thick as me but i thought id just share...
  12. 1) Did you plug in the power to the graphics card?
    2) Did you plug into the right DVI output?
    3) Did you connect your Hard drives correctly?
    4) Did you put your RAM in the right slots?
    5) Did you switch on your monitor power button?

    Warm yet?
  13. Get your RAM out, and grab an eraser (stationary one), and rub it on the RAM's slot thingy. It should make it work.
  14. Holy Thread Bump BATMAN !
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