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Computer problem.....please help

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March 11, 2009 9:21:01 PM

My computer is like between 1~2 month old. I had problem with ti freezing, crashing and manyother problems but in the end i fixed it all. I put my ram at 2.1v which was my ram's suppose voltage(i ran memtest86 overnight and little more no error). Plug my power cord on an other socket (i had too much thing in one extend plug, moniter, speaker, phone, printer. other socket has an other extend for another compuer : modemcpu,moniter,speaker,) Yes a bunch of crap in one socket. So i plugged on an other socket which fixed my graphic card problem ( the graphic mhz staied at idle using evga presision)
Now i have only restarting itself problem. It happen playing games like Fallout 3, or some graphic game =/.
My specs
CPU : Q6700
PSU: Cosair 650w
Ram: Cosair 2 x 2gb 1066mhz 5-5-5-15
HD: segate 500gb 7200.11 (i know 7200.11 problems)
My temperature reads
CPU around 27C
GPu 36C
HD 28C
Temperature is realy normal, but the only odd thing thing is the voltage
reading from wizard pc2008
CPU 1.12
+3.3V reads 3.33V (i can say its normal)
+5V reads 6.12V (Which is kind of high, i persume it's the cause of the problem but what do i know :kaola:  )
+12V reads 11.4V (from what i read it's supose to be rite idle voltage)

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March 11, 2009 10:44:32 PM

You should check your voltages in the BIOS or use a voltmeter. Software isn't always accurate.
a c 122 B Homebuilt system
March 12, 2009 6:38:10 AM

"Now i have only restarting itself problem. It happen playing games like Fallout 3, or some graphic game =/. "

That's usually the sign of inadequate power on the 12 volt rails.

Your 5 volt reading is much too high. If true, your PSU should have electronically shut down. Your 12 volt reading is on the low end of barely in tolerance.

There's a good chance that this is what is happening:
Your already low (if the 12 volt reading is to be believed) 12 volt output drops below tolerance under the load - about 10 amps - caused by 3d games. The safety circuits inside the PSU detect this undervolt problem as an overload. This electronically shuts down the PSU and removes a control signal from the PSU to the motherboard called something like "PowerOK" (gray wire, pin 8, mainpower connector). Losing this signal forces a hardware CPU reset and causes a seemingly random reboot. As soon as the system resets, the 3d load goes away and the system successfully reboots.

Check the voltage readings in the BIOS. Then use a DMM to measure the voltages. The 5 and 12 volt readings can be checked easily at a HD molex connector. The red wire should read 5 volts and the yellow wire 12 volts. All PSU voltage tolerances are plus/minus 5%. You can continuously monitor the 12 volt line and see what it does under load.