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My first build. XFX nForce 750 with AMD QC 9500, 8GB, dual 1TB Hitachi HDDs in RAID 1 array. Powered it up just fine, checked all the settings in BIOS, configured RAID, all without problems. Started installing Vista x64, and when it got to the point of asking for drivers for the RAID drives, screen went white for a second, then comp shut down. I am now unable to turn it on. I have the red LED's on the mobo on, but I can't get anything else to happen. rechecked all connections, found nothing wrong. HELP!
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  1. Tried all this, even the minimal reboot attempt with the mobo out of the case. All I can get is a red LED where I put 1 memorystick, nothing else. Frustrating part is that it was running fine (rebooted several times setting up BIOS and RAID config, with no problems) until I got into the OS install. Then, white screen, shut down and dead. Bad Mobo?
  2. I'd say its the mobo most likely. The 7 series boards are notorious for all kinds of problems. If you aren't counting on SLI, then go to a different chipset, this is my suggestion:

    I'm guessing this is the board you don't look so great. Several of them describe what you are experiencing.
  3. Thanks. I'll heed your advice and go with a different board.
  4. What do you think of this board? Same chipset, but Asus seems to have a much better repthan XFX.
  5. :/ I would advise you to stay away from all nvidia chipsets if at all possible...but if you already have 2 nvidia GPU's, then I suppose that one would be alright, it seems to be one of the better 7 series boards out there. Buy it from newegg and save some money:

    If you just have one gpu that you would like to set up in a multi-gpu setup later, then I would go for an xfire board and use the GPU you have now until you can get an ATI card, then sell your nvidia GPU and use the xfire gpu instead, you will be less likely to have issues on a 790fx/gx chipset.
  6. No GPU yet, so I'm open to other chipsets. Will the Gigabyte mb you recommended support a 95W processor (Phenom 9500)? Can't find that in the specs.
  7. Yes it will support any current AMD CPU.
  8. Any thoughts on this board? Still gives me the option of 2 GPU's, but with AMD chipsets.
  9. MSI isn't the greatest mobo company, but certainly not the worst. I would prefer the one that I first linked, but that board would be fine as well. The two boards are pretty comparable in features, but I like Asus better for mobo's and the asus happens to be cheaper.

    If you were interested in getting a faster CPU (that 9500 is pretty slow...) then you might look into this combo:

    That CPU is much faster and will last you much longer than the 9500, which is slow and hot. The 9500 you have is built on the 65nm process, so it uses more energy and gets hotter, the new Phenom II's use a 45 nm process which is more efficient and faster. Since they do not get as hot, they will overclock very well too...The 940 linked there has reached a record of 6.5ghz...videos of it on youtube. If money is kinda tight though wait a year or so to upgrade the processor, I don't think it will last you longer than that since you are a gamer, chances are you will get over it and want a faster CPU.
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