Need some advice on m4a78t-e, 955 BE, OCZ amd ready BE 2x2 : )

hi guys,
ive been looking around to OC my setting here but it seems like i cannot achieve much OC on both cpu and rams without crashes even before the memtest (crash without BSOD on win7 during and after the loading.

my build as follows:

coolermaster haf932
asus ma78t-e (3406)
AMD phenom2 x4 955 Be (currently OCed to 200 x 18 with 1.475 V- wasnt sure which V to put so i put the general setting.. , others to Auto)
H50 hybrid cooling
OCZ amd ready BE 2x2 1333mhz 7-7-7-16
xfx 4890 with accelero twin fan
ultra 750w

i couldnt even find the right setting for my cpu to OC to 3.8 without problem. after reading essential guide for OC and few other threads, im only getting more confused than getting them to a stable point..

if i were to OC my ram to
Set Ai Overclocking to {Manual}
Set DRAM Frequency to { 1333 Mhz }
Set CPU NB Voltage from { 1.2 to 1.35 volts }
Set NB VOltage to { Auto }
Set DRAM Voltage to { 1.65 volts }
Set CPU and PCIE and *SB Clock* Spread Spectrums ALL to {Disabled}

Set Memory Hole Remapping to {Enabled}
Set DCT Unganged Mode to {Enabled}
Set Memory Timings to 8-8-8-24 (TCL-TRCD-TRP-TRAS)

if i were to OC my rams by themselves, i can OC and can pass mem85 overnight..
but with both OCed, i sometimes cannot even boot my comp.

if you guys have same setup for cpu and ram please leave me with your reference settings and what to lower/ increase to try..

also if you have xfx 4890, is there anyway i could possibly OC the graphic card to higher GPU clock and memory clock setting?

Thank you in advance for reading the thread and further helps )))
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  1. i have changed my cpu back to original :)
  2. please help me with this one : (
  3. i have an aua m4a78l-m and a athlon IIx4 630 and ocz reaper 1066 ram and i can not get my ram to go up past 890 when i oc my cpu. I, like you, can run my ram through the ringer all the way up to 1140mhz with no problem without a cpu oc but when i oc my cpu my ram will not go near that. I have not gotten a clear answer yet and i have posted on 4 different forums but i think it is a IMC related issue. But i have overclocked my cpu to 3.6ghz and lowered my ram to 856mhz and i then tightened the timings to 4-4-4-13-20 instead of 5-5-5-15-26 and i get better performance than whjen my ram was at 1066 anyway. So ram speed is not all that important if you lose a little, within reason, so try to drop your ram by i notch to 333 or 400 and then try to oc your cpu and see if that works. If not come back and ill try and help.

    Also do you have the Catalyst control center installed on your pc if you do you can oc your gpu that way with amd overdrive from within ccc. i would read a guide to oc your gpu though or watch some videos on youtube about it first
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