Upgrading Hard Drive, old Gateway Profile 5.5

Hi all,
Upgrading my old dinosaur, a Gateway Profile 5.5 with a 3.2GHz Intel P4, an Intel 915P chipset, and a puny 40GB-SATA WD Hard drive--no gamer, but a reliable office machine. But that 40GB Westie is killing me, and I wanted to know if my computer would support one of the new 1TB drives from Hitachi, Samsung, or WD. My BIOS is Phoenix FirstBIOS p04.p985g, and she still runs XP Pro. I know it's like stuffing a Corvette engine into a '98 Kia, but this is what I need to do for now. Thanks.
—Krazy Randy
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  1. Should work just fine. Good luck!!!
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