Help Please, Is my hdd faulty?

I was using my computer and randomly it froze...

Then I had to turn it off and turn it back on.

the boot screen was taking longer then usual, Then came up an error something like

"Hard Disk Not Detected." I went back into the bios to find that my harddrive was not connected. Its on a sata connection.. So what I did was change it over to another sata port... Then,

On each time the pc boots up I get this message saying something like

"Adapter 1, Hard disk not dettected" Then it switches over to my sata and loads.

But the question is why the hell did my pc freeze? I didnt install anything new, Or even add new hardware.. It just randomly out of the blue froze and this error came up!...

So then I was a bit worried and thought I'd do some smart scans for my pc.

Here are the reports but from what I Can see I don't see anything wrong except the yellow sign...

Could some one please give me some advice?

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  1. Your PC froze because your hard drive is dying. That is what the yellow symbol on the SMART report is telling you. I'd make a backup of the drive before it totally fails.

    Here is a description of some of the SMART values.
  2. It hasn't frozen sinse.... okay ill make backup asap.
  3. Keep an eye on the reallocated sector count. If the value keeps increasing I'd return the drive if possible.
  4. some one mentioned to me that it could be a PSU problem.

    I dont get how this could be...
  5. SMART does not record power problems. Reallocated sectors are used when a bad sector is found on the drive and data has to be remapped to a new sector.

    Most all vendors will replace the drive for free if it is still under warranty and there are SMART errors.

    heres a scan of my hdd ... i have no idea if this is good or bad ¬_¬ :/

    the reallocated sector count has not changed... can i ask something

    some of the files ive been transfering over 4 harddrives for like over 7 years... i have some files on this new hdd that are like 9 years old... could this also cause a problem for the harddrive as the file has been transferred so much it could cause an issue?

    the other day the error count went sky high like 251 or something but now its 100 again :S
  7. Transferring files won't mess anything up. Also, the count should not decrease. SMART values either increase or stay as is. Are you reading the "raw" value? Also, most values are reported in hex. They need translated to decimal. In your intial post the hex value was 34 reallocated sectors. 34 hex = 52 errors.
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