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I have read thru the stickies, etc here but with the new cards out I still have a couple questions. I currently have 2 nvidia gefore 8600 gt graphics cards sli and I want to upgrade. Newer games are not able to perform at high end, such as Empire total war. My system is a 2.4 ghz quad core Q6600 w/ 3gb ram, liquid cooled, PSU is COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power RP600PCAR 600W running Vista. My resolution is 1680 X 1050. I have a eVGA nForce 780i SLI 775 A1 Motherboard. I am looking at a couple diff options, whether it would be best to get the radeon 4890, 4870 x2, or the geforce gtx 275, or if one of their other models would be better. Also how do I tell if a card I like will work with mobo etc?I've read the reviews and Im still torn, I wanna get the best deal for my dollar of course. I'd like to not upgrade my PSU if possible, but if you think it's needed what do you recommend as replacement? So basically if you were spending around $300ish what would you do? Thanks for the help!
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  1. That PSU has got to go. Its overrated and has poor efficiency.

    Get a Corsair VX550 if you're on a budget, if you plan on doing SLI later, get the TX750. As for the card, no point in going ATI. Its an nForce mobo. You can go 275, but you say 300ish,

    so, GTX 260 Core 216 + VX550 / TX750 with one 8600GT for PhysX
  2. +1 rags

    Depending on how you're going to upgrade:
    The more cost effective solution is to get two cards for SLi since you have an SLi mobo. But getting the 4870 is also good.

    If you won't ever upgrade the GPU after this, get yourself two 8800GTs or 9800GTs in SLi - that would basically be a GX2 and rival the GTX280.

    If you have cash, get a good 750 PSU and get two 9800GTXs/GTX+/GTS250 in SLi

    Don't get the 4850 since you can't Xfire on your mobo, and don't get the 4850x2 since it is buggy
  3. GTX275 is still unavailable in the US as far as I know.
    A single GTX260 would be my choice here; It`s a big upgrade, it`s getting stupidly cheap now (under $200 at the Egg if you include rebates) and if you really need to, SLI is still going to be a option for a while.
    The guys really mean it about the PSU as well. It`s crap, follow Rags_20s` advice.
  4. New Egg has a BFG Geforce 280 for $20 more than the 275, is it worth it for the upgrade? if not Im just going to get the 275. And if I do get the 275 would you recomend the BFG Tech or EVGA? THANKS for the help!
  5. No. 280 is gone. 285 is the replacement. And start a new thread.
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