Use 4pin cpu cable for 4870x2


because its weekend i can get the right cable.

my psu has only got 2x 6pin pcie connectors. I bought second hand 4870x2 it needs a 6pin and 8pin power cable from psu.

my question is: is it possible to use the 2x 6pin from the psu and only the 2 black pins (from the 4pin cpu cable)

The 4pin cpu cable is free because i also have an 8pin cpu cable for my motherboard.

i hope im clear for u guys.
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  1. No you cant do that. Its possable that you could run it on two 6 pin cables but i dont know enough about it im afraid but definatly dont do what you are saying.

  2. Never, never, never. +1 mactronix. Best thing to do is plug in the two, disable CF and play.
  3. No. Its called a CPU power cable for a reason. They carry different currents off different rails of the PSU.

    You can use the two 6pin PCIe cables for the card but overclocking will be disabled from my understanding. Or just do as rags suggest and disable crossfire before you open any games.
  4. Just get yourself a 6 to 8 pin PCI-e adapter. It's like $8 on newegg
  5. Quote:
    because its weekend i can get the right cable.

    I think he means can't
  6. Wait until Monday, then.

    Blowing your PSU/Card isn't worth it.
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