Looking for feedback on system build

About to do another upgrade and wanted to get some feedback in case there are better options for me.

Going to buy:
i7 920 (currently Q6600 @ 3.6ghz)
Asus P6T Deluxe (currently Maximus Formula)
3x2gb OCZ DDR3 (1600) (currently 4gb Mushkin DDR 2 800 @ 1066)
Coolmaster HAF932 (currently Antec p182)

Toughpower 850W Modular
TRUE 120 (push pull 1600rpm)

Thinking about getting:
2 x 150GB raptor for Raid 0 (currently 2x250gb 7200 Raid 0)

I upgrade all the time, and while I don't like to "waste" money, money isn't a deciding factor. That being said, I have a couple questions, and am open to suggestions on the other items I listed.

1. If I want to keep temps down, and am really just looking for 4ghz OC, is the 940 a better CPU to go with?

2. Are the Raptors really worth it, or should I stick with my current drives.

3. Is there a better air cooling solution that will make a notable difference.

The reason I'm looking at the coolmaster case is because I would like an exhaust over my GTX 295, and the case has a ton of room. Otherwise, I love my p182.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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  1. 2) The raptors give horrible price/performance, there is a tomshardware article (under charts?) that shows the price/performance of these drives.

    Raid 0 offers no/speed advantages for most consumer applications that I've read

    3) XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle ($26) is consider by many the best air cooler out there right now, but the difference (I'm guessing) isn't probably going to be more than a couple of degrees.

    I go throught a similar cycle as you do, I replace the CPU/MOBO/RAM/GPU every 12 months or so. What programs are you running now that require more power?
  2. I wouldnt say there's anything requiring me to upgrade. I mean I obviously game a lot (thus the 295), and I use this rig for as a recording studio as well. To be honest, my system runs great, it's just time. I maintain 5 computers in my house (5 family members), so it's the old trickle down effect.

    For a clarification on your raptor comment, they are worth it, or not? I'm looking for real world use, not a review.
  3. Sorry, the raptors in my opion are not worth it at all. I mean look at today's gaming most games don't load or load very little outside the intially load up the game and in multiplayer games, you generally have to wait for everyone else to load their stuff up anyways.
  4. I had that feeling on the Raptors (I think you edited your first response which was less clear, or the beers kicking in). What's your thought on the 920v940.... think it's worth waiting for the 950? Even tempted to go 965/975.
  5. Well the 940 and the 965 are not worth the extra money...If u have a very gud cooling, then the 920 can overclock very well sumtimes even better than the 940 and the 965(check the Toms reviews of the dream system)
    So stick wit the 920...the best buy...

    As for new i7s, they are atleast 3 to 6 months away...so if u are willing to wait then u can check them out...

    And as for the HDD, get 2 WD BLACK 640 in raid 0 will give u incredible performance...
  6. Alright. All good advice... I'll look in to those WD BLACK 640's.
  7. The proposed build looks good to me. I would just go with those 640gb drives. If you are open to a different case of similar quality (I like it better) then check this out:
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