Maximum oc that i can get

i have a rig with spec below :
amd athlon ii x2 240
biostar ta790gxb
1x2 ddr2 adata ram 800mhz (dual chanel)
msi gts 250 twin frozr 512mb oc edition
500w true power psu
wdc 250 gb

my question is how much overclock capability that i can get ??
i tried OC'ed the procie @3.50 ghz with 1.408 voltage its not stable..
please help me !!
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  1. what is your cpu cooler??? just go to the nearest overclock like 3.0 or 3.2 if you have good cooler 3.5 to 4ghz
  2. i used deepcool ice blade pro.... i can't find the right voltage... speed 3.50 ghz with voltage 1.408 i can't run prime until 4 hours... and there are blue screen with error code 9c (MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION)... i don't know what it is...
  3. Did you drop the HTT speed and DRAM speed?
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