Monitor "No signal detected"


I am building a system for the first time. When I power it on the monitor says "no signal detected."

i7 920
MSI x58 platinum
Corsair TX 750 power supply
Sapphire HD 4850 x2
6GB ram
clean WD Sata HD

I have plugged it in to two different monitors with the
DVI to VGA adapter. One monitor is a CRT and the other
is an emachines LCD model E17T4. Online specs state
"signal inputs: analog (VGA).

The graphics card has two power cable connectors: one E-PCI 2 x 3
and one 2 x 4. The power connectors on the power supply cables
are 2 x 3 with an extra two pin connector attached to each cable.
I have both connectors attached and there is a green lcd lit on
the graphics card but the fans do not turn on.

The lights on the motherboard and system fans are running.

Any suggestions for trying to figure out why I am not getting a signal.

Could the monitors not be compatible with the newer graphics card?

How can I isolate a graphics card problem without another computer or card to
test with?

I have double checked all the connections and reseated the cards.

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  1. If you have properly checked all connections and it says no signal detected instead of just showing a blank screen with the lights signifying an idle state, I'd say its the adapter. Get a different DVI to VGA and see if it works. Also, try connecting directly to the mobo.
  2. Bad video card man.
  3. mamw93 said:
    Bad video card man.

    Sounds like the adapter to me.
  4. Have you READ the manual? For single video card use, it has to be in the correct PCI-E slot. Most of the time it is the second slot, not the top one. Again I say, read the manual..
    Another thing to try might be plugging the monitor cable into the other DVI connector on the card..
  5. Unfortunately with these Sapphire cards the documentation is just crap. The
    paper manual is not specific for the model and the manual on the CD is for
    cards that are several generations older. I haven't figured it out yet but I'll let you
    know the denouement.
  6. That's doesn't make sense. Installation procedures are the same for every card. If you install the card and the fan spins, you connected the PCI-E connectors and also the monitor, it must work. Forget documentation.

    Very sorry, just went back ad saw that the fans weren't spinning. In that case, its most likely a PSU problem. Are you sure you connected the PCI-E power connectors all the way and locked it into the PCI-E slot right? It isn't getting enough power.
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