Please help -- System powers up for split second and turns off

Hi All,

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I just build a system that is acting pretty strange... when i power up the computer it powers up for a split second then turns off. I get no beep codes, nothing!

Components are as follows:

- q6600
- CoolIT DM-1000 Domino A.L.C. CPU Cooler
- asus pk5 deluxe
- 4gb ddr2 1066
- 580W atx power supply
- geforce 5200 (pci) video card

all other stuff is disconnected.

any input would be Greatly appreciated!!

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  1. The first thing that pops into my mind is your CPU is over heating or the PSU is dying/dead. On my AMD system the latch that held the heatsink down onto the CPU somehow cane undone and was no longer making any contact with the mobo. Now, in this scenario my computer could normally get to the windows loading screen before it would shut off.

    You could also try running the PSU when it not connected anything at all (not 100% sure if that safe or not though, I'd make sure the PSU if off when you plug in the power cord since it will turn on by default if the jumper isn't present).
  2. Mykc, thanks a lot for responding... i think ive identified the problem -- i'm a moron!

    i bought THIS psu:

    looking @ it, ive got a 24 pin connector and a 4 pin connector... the mobo has a 24 pin socket, and a 6 PIN socket !

    i think i bought a psu for a p4 or something like that.
  3. That sucks, at least you know what the problem is though.
  4. No, your problem is that you bought a complete POS. Your going to have to spend a lot more than that. I hope you didn't blow anything up. What were you thinking?

    You may also have a short. That would be the typical cause of your problem, but with that complete garbage PSU there is no way to know.
  5. ^+1 for Zorg. Please get a quality PSU from Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Antec or OCZ.
  6. Another +1 for Zorg, and for Shadow's recommendations. It need not be high wattage, but high quality is a must. An Earthwatts 380W PSU would be sufficient.
    You just built this system? With a PCI video card? A 5200?
  7. I've never heard of a motherboard that has a 6-pin power connector. The CPU power connector will either be 4 or 8 pins. Most motherboards with an 8-pin CPU power connector will run fine with a 4-pin power connector plugged in. Just be sure to read the owners manual to see which pins to plug the 4-pin connector into. It's usually the 4 pins closest to the CPU socket. Here's a checklist for further troubleshooting if you need it:
  8. my computer is connected to a 6 pin secondary right now, and amd x2 be3200 system.
    i think 6-pins tends to be amds.

    and a 5200 pci graphics card? is it for your mother in law?
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