Help me share My docs and Network two printers PLEASE?

I have 2 computers

I have 2 printers

I want to share My Documents on both computers so I can access either of them from the opposing computer.

I also want to connect both of these computers to both of the printers.

The printers are:

hp photosmart 1115 & hp laserjet 4L

Can someone please list step by step on how to do so... one computer is XP one is Vista.

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  1. Google the questions.
  2. Do both the printers have network ports?

    You will need a home router to plug everything into. You will then setup the sharing on both computers - windows help will get you through this.
    If the printers do not have network ports then you can share both the printers in order to print to them from the other computer.
  3. I've made this recomendation before, but grab Cisco's Network Margic (trial works fine) put it on both computers, and run through the setup, super easy, and works great.
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