My Mushkin Ram Voltage/Timing Help?

Hey there

I recently OC my PC but left the DRAM voltage and DRAM timings untouched.
A buddy told me that I should set the timings and voltage manually according to the manufacturers information.

I have these ones

"996805 - 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800 6-8-6-24 Redline by Mushkin"

So far, I went into my BIOS and changed the DRAM Voltage from Auto to 1.65 (But it turned Pink afterwards, is that normal?)

Secondly, I went into DRAM Timings and everything was on auto and the first 4 options were

tCL: 6
tRCD: 8
tRP: 8
tRAS: 20

I pressed enter on each one and set it to the information on the Mushkin website so then it looked like this afterwards

tCL: 6 (DRAM Clock 6)
tRCD: 8 (DRAM Clock 8)
tRP: 8 (DRAM Clock 6)
tRAS: 20 (DRAM Clock 24)

My question is; why did the timings still stay the same as before when they were on auto? Even when I changed the timings, it was only in brackets beside the original auto timings.
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  1. If you are unsure if the timings have changed to what you set them to, then check it in cpuz.
    It probably shows it like that so you know what the system set stable settings were.
  2. Check your setting RAM in Bios Manual or Auto , if Auto follow standard JEDEC
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