Overclocked dual core e5400 original 2.7ghz

Hello and hi there i have overclocked my cpu from 2.7ghz to 3.0ghz but it show me the core speed as 1333mhz and my multiplier change from 13.5x to 6x always changing
please help me out guys.........
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    That is normal if EIST and C1E is enabled in the bios. If you place the CPU under a load it should raise back up to 3ghz.
    You can use Prime95 to load the CPU 100% but watch your temps and make sure they dont go above 70c
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  3. yeah............thanks bro its helped me out when i kept load on my pc it multiplier get stable at 13.5x.

    thanks lol.......... :p :sarcastic:
  4. Thanks for the BA.
    Good luck with the OC. [:bohleyk:1]
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