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So for about a week my Laptop has been going really slow with just about everything it does. It takes a long time to open programs, i get bad frame lag inside of games (offline games too), and it's just over all slow. I went to look at my task manager and it says that the CPU usage is 100% with almost no programs open, except for ventrillo and google chrome. Also my friend said under processes i should have something Called system idle which should be taking up around 90 CPU or so but it's not even on the list.

I dont really know much about computers but i was thinking is it possible that this could be because of some sort of malware? or is there some other problem behind why it's been going so slow and why my cpu usage is so high, if anyone has an ideas why, or perhaps knows and solutions i would really appreciate it. thanks!
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  1. When in the task manager, under the "Processes" tab, make sure "show processes from all users" is on. Then click on the CPU column and it should show what process is using all the cpu cycles.
  2. Report back which process it shows consuming 100% of the CPU.
  3. Alright i showed all processes and system idle is at around 0, maybe going up to one or 2 but "AVG Scanning Core Module is taking up around 50-70 CPU, which is weird be cause it's not even open, and then there are a bunch of random things movin around, like chrome moving up to 30 somtimes
  4. Uninstall your AVG. Reinstall it. Tho, it could be a malware attacking your AV
  5. meh well the thing is i dont even have it start up so how would it scan without being open
  6. Its set up as a scheduled service. Uninstall and reinstall as was suggested, and turn off autoscan
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